Let the Sun of Pure Consciousness shine in you!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?”

Have you noticed that whenever we ask someone “who are you?” we get—

I am [name], a [job title]. I am [age] years old, and I live in [city/state/country]. I was born in [city/state/country], and I enjoy [activity] in my free time.

—as an answer?

Is that who we are? Can our essence be something as temporary as a name, a job title, and so on? Or is that just our false identity, ruled by the ego?

Haven’t we had enough of this false self, which is an impostor?

Pure ConsciousnessThe more we derive our sense of self from this contraction, the ego, and the more we believe in its thoughts, the more are we bound to suffer. Every being that comes into this world has to experience this “I” and “other.” Even every enlightened being had to pass through such an experience, which is the root trauma—the sense of a separate self. This is an apparent traumatic contraction in the boundless pure Consciousness.

All this is coming to an end. It’s time to say no more! We are not the ego-cloud, but the Sun of Pure Consciousness, limitless and blissful.

Suffering and dissatisfaction aren’t our real nature. Happiness and completeness are. It’s time to reclaim them.

Life has brought us all here together, and this is the next stage for humanity. It’s time to put an end to this self-illusion, the ego, its hidden tricks and its mechanism that prevent every human from really looking within and going beyond it. It’s time to stop going through life asleep and utterly out-of-sync with the present moment. It’s time to be fully lucid.

Stay aware. Stay present.

– SantataGamana

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