Who is SantataGamana?

These are some of the questions I’ve received regarding “who is SantataGamana?” There’s also a slightly more intimate message that I’ve shared on the afterword of Kundalini Exposed.

Are you Ennio Nimis?

No. Although we both teach spirituality without dogmas and without the guru-worship that is traditionally prevalent, our sharing is pretty different. Ennio teachings are more related to Kriya techniques in general, with very comprehensive and detailed descriptions, while my teachings are more geared toward Enlightenment, bypassing the excessive dwelling on techniques, focusing not only on the Kundalini-energetic side of Yoga, but also on the Wisdom-Jnanic-Consciousness side, awakening the essential discernment and abiding in Kriya’s after-state Awareness and Presence, mixed in with true self-surrender. These are the cornerstone of Liberation, often ignored in Kriya literature.

Are you Yogani?

No. Again, although we both teach spirituality without dogmas and without the guru-worship that is traditionally prevalent, our sharing is pretty different. Yogani’s core teaching is “deep meditation,” which is similar to the known “transcendental meditation,” mentally repeating a mantra over and over again, adding Kriya-ish energetic practices afterward. There are many differences in our teachings, although we both have the purpose of guiding seekers all the way toward their real Self.

Why don’t you reveal your real identity?

This is a curious question. Which real identity? The one on the government-issued card? Is that my real identity? Is that your real identity? Would it make any difference if the author’s name was “John Smith” rather than “SantataGamana”?

When people say “who are you?” or “tell me something about yourself,” they are referring to the “person” who has a story. Yet the words I write come from something deeper, something really profound within. Not from the person. They come from who I truly am, not from this body-mind.

True spiritual teachings are for going beyond the personhood into Godhood. As long as we relate to each other as persons, we will not go far. The person is a very limited and egocentric entity. The second book The Secret Power of Kriya Yoga explains this very well. All suffering, wars, and drama come from humans interacting with each other as persons (egos).

Talking about the person, history, and personality is not the intended purpose of my sharing. This is what everyone does, and one of the reasons many can’t go beyond the “person.” What I share is only to point you toward yourself, your own inner guru, your true Self.

Should I travel to India and learn Kriya Yoga from a traditional lineage-based Guru?

As many people have probably seen by themselves, traveling extensively throughout the globe in search of the truth will only get you so far. We have to stop and really look inside. The truth is not in India, the Himalayas, Arunachala or in some special guru, lineage or spiritual tradition. The truth is in us. We can recognize it when we let go of our tremendous attachment to who we think we are. We are not seekers. We are “It” already!

Everyone starts by looking outside, myself included, but eventually, we all end up turning 180º around so that we can look at our own hearts.

– SantataGamana.

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March 18, 2018