Conquering Death Through Spirituality

Life is frail. Don’t take it for granted.

One day we are alive, the next one we may be dead. When you wake up in the morning, you never know if that’s your last day on Earth.

What if it is? Did you live life to the fullest of your potential? Mull over this possibility. Never settle for mediocrity and ignorance.

Spirituality is the vehicle for liberation. It doesn’t matter how much physical prowess, social power, financial wealth, or intellectual capacity you have—nothing comes with you once your physical vehicle dies.

Death is typically a big taboo in our society, especially in times like this. But it shouldn’t be because it’s certain that we will all die …

… as physical bodies. But as Spirit itself, as the immortal and unborn consciousness that we are—we are eternal.

And that’s precisely what you have to find out. Use your body and life as the vehicle to experience eternity so that you can never die. That’s why spirituality is essential. It shows you behind the curtain, beyond Maya, beyond death. Don’t wait for death—conquer it while still alive!

Conquering Death

Many people are scared of this pandemic and of the current state of the world. It is in times like this that we may be forced to stop the crazy and hectic life we’ve been living, by having to stay at home. But instead of loosening up, we get anxious and tense: What about my job? My income? My parents? My family? Am I at risk? What about the economy? My mortgage payment? What will happen to my country? Will this lead to martial law?!

This uncertainty is concerning—and understandably so. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Perhaps you, as a spiritual practitioner, can use this extra free time, as quarantine ramps up all over the world, to self-contemplate more. When there’s no ground to walk, we have to learn how to fly.

Someone asked the Dalai Lama, “How are you able to fit in daily meditation with such a busy schedule?” The Dalai Lama smiled and replied that normally, he meditates for one hour in the morning. “What about when you really have no time to meditate at all, on extremely busy days?” The Dalai Lama gave an even bigger smile and said: “On those days, I meditate for 2 hours in the morning.”

I don’t know how each person is going to respond to this pandemic, but I know one thing: Genuine spiritual seekers will use it as a way to uplift their consciousness to higher levels of being. Not just through sitting practice, but through the way they engage and respond to life’s obstacles.

We don’t bow down to adversity—we use it as a way to transcend our current limitations!

Stay safe.

Many blessings,