Tantra Exposed

Tantra is a powerful buzzword. But like most buzzwords, it has been misrepresented and bathed in sensationalism, and its original intention and power were forgotten.

This book intends to change that. This is the Tantric Resurrection.

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Despite often being mistakenly seen as “spiritual sex,” Tantra is actually a vehicle for transformation, transcendence, and integration—and it should be presented as such, without distortion, secret information, hidden practices, or superfluous teachings.

This work is not about the westernized, sexualized, modern branch of Tantra, nor about the scholarly, intellectual, more complex branch typically found in large, dense books, often written by translators or pundits.

Tantra Exposed presents a revolutionary way of approaching and using Tantra to overcome suffering, transcend your current limits, and experience the ecstatic bliss and wholeness inherent in your true nature; it guides you toward complete fulfillment.

The wisdom infused in this accessible, deep, and fascinating book offers you powerful and effective tools that are much more than just instructions—they guide you to awaken and embody your highest potential; they uproot, purify, and transform your beliefs, blockages, and negative conditioning into freedom.

What you will find in the book:

  • The demystification and discovery of the real meaning and purpose of Tantra.
  • Paradigm-breaking insights regarding Tantric Initiation, Shaktipat, and the external and internal Guru.
  • The truth about the Left-Hand Path and the “sexualization” of Tantra.
  • The profound relationship between Kundalini, Tantra, and Enlightenment.
  • Straightforward transformative guidance, transcendental Tantric Sadhana, and remarkable integrative wisdom found nowhere else.
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to dissolve the residual “smoke-like” feeling of having a body even after you’ve already extinguished the illusory mayic fire.
  • The complete unveiling of the Non-dual dimension of Tantra and how to fully embody it through Spiritual Immanence.
  • And much more.

There comes a moment in your life when your desire for completeness expands past conventional seeking; when you feel a calling to explore beyond the known and visible. If you are reading this book, then chances are that such a yearning has already been awakened. If so, then this is your book.

Let’s unfold Tantra together

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July 21, 2021