Don’t forget to melt in the “After-Practice Awareness”

“The one whose mind is distracted observes diversity [duality; Maya], therefore he strives to arrest the distraction by practicing Kriya. But that very one by practicing Kriya becomes high-souled in Kriya’s transcendental state [Parvastha] and his mind is no longer distracted, thereby causing the non-existence of sadhana [spiritual practice].

Because on practicing prolonged sadhana, when a permanent settlement occurs in Kutastha [Unchanging Consciousness; Self-abidance], then what else can he do?

Then he has nothing to perform. Because endeavors are made for this achievement and when achievement results, then the necessity for endeavors are not present, thus there is a termination of all actions. Then by being staid and still, attachment is extinct, thus the strife for samadhi [divine absorption; a higher state of consciousness] is absent, then the mind being free from distractions, one remains engrossed or thoroughly rapt within himself in Kriya’s transcendental state.”

– Lahiri Mahasaya
Purana Purusha by Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee

After-Practice Awareness

Regardless of what spiritual techniques you employ, do not forget to melt in the “After-Practice Awareness” (Conscious Parvastha /The After-Kriya Witness / Just Being), just like the father of Kriya Yoga, Lahiri Mahasaya, suggests.

I know that after a while, thoughts will come; dullness will come; restlessness will come; every possible obstacle or hindrance will arise. It’s okay—try your best to observe them with as much detachment as you can.

You are accustomed to giving alms (energy) to the false beggar (ego-mind). However, if you no longer get involved with him (by detachedly observing thoughts in the post-practice state rather than identifying with them), eventually, he will stop asking you for alms (the mind will run out of fuel and subside). Then you shall get to know what Freedom is!

Many blessings,