Should I be scared of awakening my Kundalini?

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and in some books about Kundalini, mainly due to some practitioners’ bad experiences with Kundalini awakening. What is not known most of the times is that these practitioners were following the wrong practices, rather than practices specified by a legitimate Guru. Furthermore, they were also not bathed by such Guru’s Presence (which is not bound by space and time), nor are they aware of the Inner Guru. It is no wonder then that they have developed Kundalini issues.

Awakening the Kundalini

Kundalini awakening should not scare you. As you are probably aware, awakening the Kundalini is of paramount importance. Humans’ usual deep lack of comprehension regarding Kundalini and spiritual matters, in addition to an inner resistance to the flow of life and its constant changes, are what may contribute to an initial setback.

Indeed, some less than positive side-effects may occur, but they are purification symptoms. These can be nullified through grounding exercises or by slightly attuning our lifestyle to the changes happening within, as explained in Kundalini Exposed. Furthermore, by doing the correct practices, and by being conscious of how we are feeling by applying the grounding exercises from the start (if needed), side-effects will either never arise, or they will be easily overcome.

As we learn about Kundalini energy through non-dogmatic teachings, alongside the practice of a spiritual discipline such as Kriya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, we are more inclined to be in harmony with this sacred energy rather than fighting it. The surrender to this natural awakening process makes everything easier and allows the energy to flow through our energy body pathways, cleaning away blockages instead of getting stuck somewhere along the way. What we resist, persists. If we surrender, our body, energy, and mind know exactly what to do.

With an awakened Kundalini, we become less deluded by material pleasures, superficial wealth and temporary relationships that serve only egoic interests rather than authenticity, compassion, and kindness. By learning how to dance with Shakti, a powerful driving force arises in our hearts, moving us toward wisdom, creativity, and spontaneity, and allowing us to fully embrace and welcome genuine spirituality into our lives.

We are the drivers. Our body is the car. Kundalini is the fuel.

“Kundalini is also your Guru.”

Kriya Yoga Exposed

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