The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is remarkably important. By putting gratitude into practice, we are shaping our minds into being more harmonious with life.

Every time we are grateful, we cannot be annoyed, displeased, irritated or unhappy. We are nurturing a better mindset and approach both to life and spirituality. A continuous state of gratitude improves our ability to surrender and to let go every time we practice Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Jnana Yoga, or whatever spiritual practice we currently do.

The Power of Gratitude

This time of the year (Christmas) is when people usually feel more gratitude, compassion, and appreciation in general. It is when we, as a “society,” share experiences of joy by giving to others.

As we approach the date that celebrates the birth of one of the most magnificent, yet highly-misunderstood sages in human history, I’ll leave you with a beautiful quote that is attributed to him:

“When you are able to make two become one,

the inside like the outside,

and the outside like the inside,

the higher like the lower,

so that a man is no longer male,

and a woman, female,

but male and female become a single whole;

—then you will enter in [the Kingdom of God].”

– The Gospel of Thomas: Logion 22

“Entering in the Kingdom of God” is entering into the “dimension” of non-forgetfulness of the Self.

By entering into this dimension of Being, you will be eternally grateful. And then, you shall be able to provide others with the most precious and timeless gift in the whole Universe: Freedom.


Many blessings,