Samadhi: The Forgotten Eden

Samadhi. It’s a mysterious word.

But what is behind it? Is it only a fairytale or can you actually experience it?

Samadhi: The Forgotten Eden

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This book unveils the ancient art of how yogis and mystics had the keys to an unlimited reservoir of wisdom and power. It brings the timeless and forgotten wisdom of Samadhi into modern-day practicality.

What you will find in the book:

  • Rare Samadhi wisdom not found anywhere else.
  • Instructions on how to access the full potential of consciousness to directly explore and experience Samadhi with anything you wish (physical or nonphysical objects, states, lifeforms or even Consciousness itself).
  • How to bring the energy and insight of Samadhi into your body and mind, and integrate them into your life and spiritual journey.
  • Real and direct first-hand knowledge—not from reading books or hearing stories.
  • Disclosing the “active path” of Yogic Samyama and the “passive path” of Letting Go into Shunya Samadhi.
  • The revelation of the arcane 8thChakra and how to employ its capabilities through a powerful yogic practice.
  • The truth about Mahasamadhi, the “final Samadhi.”
  • And much more.

Samadhi will change your life forever. Do not neglect its power. It will transform the way you perceive and experience the world because you’ll see what very few have seen: an unfathomed beauty, interconnectedness, and unity between all things in life.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable spiritual journey?

True life begins with Samadhi—that’s how you’ll open the gates to the real Garden of Eden and taste the fruit of ancient and forgotten spiritual wisdom.

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This book is not part of the Real Yoga Series.

May 30, 2019