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Throughout these years, I’ve received various emails from readers asking how they could help financially. Such help has always been refused, and the readers were redirected toward using those funds to buy and offer Real Yoga books to other seekers as they see fit, or just to spread the word regarding these teachings.

However, I have realized that, as the author, I can more easily forward books to where they are genuinely needed and desired. Furthermore, donations can help expand the reachability of these teachings as well as improve the mediums by which they are shared. It is for these reasons that I have finally opened up a donations page.

Besides the basic needs of food, health, education, housing, and clothing, extra financial resources can be a great vehicle for expanding genuine spiritual teachings to seekers worldwide. There are many ways to help, but if you feel like you’d like to help in that area, this is the page.

These donations serve to help the following already-existing purposes:

– Send books to genuine seekers who truly can’t afford them. [costs ~$20 per book + shipping, depending on the country]

– Send books to libraries or meditation groups in developing countries.

– Help to support the maintenance of the website and its related functions (server hosting, domains, email, email list service, SSL certificate, backup cloud, etc.). [costs $400 per year]

And possibly to (depending on the funds available):

– Improve the website and books design, structure, optimization, and reachability.

– Fund future projects that have a high upfront cost that I cannot handle on my own, such as creating professional audiobooks (paying the narrator), writing spiritually relevant colored children books (paying the graphic designer), etc.

This is all these donations will be used for. Thank you for reading.

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September 20, 2021