Kriya Yoga Exposed

This is not your common guide to Kriya Yoga.
This is for those who are sick of the secretiveness of Kriya Yoga and all the taboos.
They just want the end of misery, and are sick of this human-ego-game played by most Kriya Masters and Kriya organizations.

These themes will be addressed:
# Current Kriya Yoga Masters and organizations will be exposed without any biased filter;
# The often misunderstood “Inner Guru” and its nature will be revealed;
# The whole Spiritual Process of Kriya Yoga and Spirituality in general will be explained;
# The sharing of a new discovery, the Final Special Kriya, never shared before in the literature of Kriya, will boost your practice like never before;
# The ultimate question whether Kriya Yoga can lead you all the way to True Enlightenment will be answered;
# Lahiri Mahasaya and other True Masters’ words will be used throughout the book to support what is written;
# And much more.
This book will help you become free from the dogmas and beliefs created by the Kriya Gurus, organizations and Kriya literature, and also help you awake the essential discernment needed to take that very important step forward, towards yourself, towards your True Self, the Infinite Awareness within you.
By exposing the truth about some organizations and Gurus, I’m sure their followers will want to give bad reviews to this book.
Either that or their newly awakened discernment will help them take a huge breakthrough towards True Enlightenment.
I will take that risk. And so should you.

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